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Who We Are

Everything You Wanted To Know About Dale and Stefan:

Stefan Vulevic and I (Dale Thompson, here) have been Click Create Connect-ed for a long time. So much more than Connected! First a little about me.

I have spent most of my life learning about how people, teams and organizations grow, connect and create their culture. Click Create Connect is simply another part of that quest for understanding. My 26 years of Human Resource and Education experience has led me to understand how valuable human connection is to happiness and productivity.                .

Now, where does Stefan fit into this life’s work? He Click Create Connect-ed with my heart!

Stefan Clicked the start button (icon of Camera (Start) button from device) in 2008 when he came from Montenegro (Serbia) to go to school and play basketball at Roanoke Catholic. Knowing some English, my wife was his teacher to help with this difficult transition. Little did I know that within a short period of time my empty kid’s room would be occupied by a Serbian youth! I thought we were done helping to raise kids! My lifetime experience helping people become the best version of themselves was very helpful and I was close to the end of my career at Allstate. Stefan graduated from HS in 2010 and then from Roanoke College with a Business degree with a concentration in finance in 2014.

Just like our amazing photo equipment named C3  (we wanted to call the equipment C3PO –ClickCreateConnect Photo Opportunity but we thought George Lucas might have a problem with that name!), Stefan and the Thompson family Created a family which now includes his lovely wife, Ivana who is one of our trusted employees and model for some of the photos that help describe our marketing business. Stefan and I consider each other American Dad and Serbian Son. What a joy he is and I can’t wait for you to meet this amazing young man. He is building his own special family, this business and also wants to help you secure your financial and retirement life through his company, Myrias Group.
Stefan has an innate ability to Connect with others. He is a social media machine and understands the full power of the booth to help people and companies connect folks together and strengthen their relationships and brands. He is so good at connecting that instead of two children, I now have four as he and Ivana are forever connected to the Thompson Family. Hey guys, when are you going to have my Grand Kids?

Stefan and I are as different as night and day, but we have one very important trait in common…we are observers of people. Stefan and I spend a lot of time learning about how people interact, get along and help each other grow. My experience in business is almost totally focused on helping individuals, teams and organizations grow and reach their full potential. Our complementary skills and our Click Create Connect technology is simply another way for us to help people connect and deepen their relationships. We also see the power of this technology for businesses and how it could strengthen their brand and help them connect to their customers and prospects. Click Create Connect is NOT just a photo booth company. It is so much more!

Let us show you how we can make any event more fun, profitable and memorable. Stefan and I have spent our entire lives serving others and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed in our service.

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