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Who We Are

Dale – Founder/CPO – Chief Photo Officer
I have spent most of my life learning about how people, teams and organizations grow, connect and create their culture. Click Create Connect is simply another part of that quest for understanding. My 26 years of Human Resource and Education experience has led me to understand how valuable human connection is to happiness and productivity. With a great Friend’s inspiration, we created C3 in January 2014

Stefan – VP of Everything Else
I grew up in Montenegro (Serbia) and came to Roanoke to go to school and play basketball at Roanoke Catholic. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a Family Member by Dale and his wife and my Teacher, Mary Jo. After graduating from Catholic and Roanoke College, I married lovely Ivana and have had Anika, our First Child! I have been lucky enough to use C3 as a laboratory for refining my small business expertise. What I learned at school out of books can now be practiced with Click Create Connect. I’m helping to build the best PhotoBooth on the Planet!

Heather – CMO – Chief Marketing Officer
Heather is driving growth for C3 and ensuring that our Valued Clients get exceptional customized service that gets better with every event. She is a whiz at all things Customer and works tirelessly to ensure that every Customer of C3 receives the customized attention they deserve. You will often see her at events as she is hands-on with her desire to make everything just right for each client and their Special Event.

Haley – Best Employee Ever!
Haley is Heather’s Sister but was C3’s first employee! She started at the tender age of 15 and will Graduate from Northside in 2019. Haley brings her fun spirit to every event and adds a touch of youthful enthusiasm. It has been so great to watch Haley mature as a young business women and we can’t wait to see how she changes our business and the world!


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